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    If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.
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    Let me create my future from my future, not my past.
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    Simplicity Is the ultimate sophistication.
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    If I don't execute my ideas, they will die

Manik World

It started off with a simple idea - there had to be an easier way to run business. And then one thought led to another and that idea grew into something we now call MANIK. We develop software. Our products are simple and easy to use and enable our customers to save time and money.

MANIK is a fairly diversified commercial enterprise. We strive to have happy customers, happy stakeholders, and happy employees by creating value and wealth for them and us.

MANIK is also a responsible corporate citizen and operates within the legal framework and proudly follows the law of the land. MANIK operates with great sense of responsibility towards planet and society. We try to be eco-friendly in whatever we do and try to shoulder social responsibilities like any responsible company. We keep our values and integrity intact in everything that we do.

We are non obtrusive and flexible. We have a diverse workforce. We constantly introspect and adapt. We motivate our workforce to realize and exceed their potential with a lot of focus on innovation and automation. We learn from the industry leaders, peers and everyone who has an idea brighter than ours.


A message from the founder.

MANIK is my father`s name. He is my guide and friend.

MANIK is has lived an inspirational life. To me he is not just a man, he is a philosophy you can live. MANIK is a story of triumph of success over adversity, perseverance over "giving up". It is an acknowledgement of goodness around us.

MANIK was born on August 1, 1933 in a poor potter family to his uneducated parents. He grew up around brick kiln in a village where education was the last thing people worried about. His uneducated brother (Babu Bhaiya, as Manik fondly called him), a poor railway porter sent him to school.

MANIK toiled hard and graduated with flying colors. But he never forgot the enormous contribution of his elder brother in setting him on the path to enlightenment. For an underprivileged boy from a sleepy village, the journey was backbreaking (and path breaking too). The support of extra-ordinary people who helped him along the way, by lending him books, money, support and guidance, made sure that Manik earned his Doctorate.

MANIK has ever been indebted to these good samaritans. In his effort to pay back, he spent all his life's savings to set up a free library in his hometown. MANIK is a salute to all those who have made something of their lives, despite all the adversities. MANIK is a platform to support all those who have big ideas and dreams, but have no means to convert them into reality. MANIK, the company, was formed in the year 2007. It is a profit making commercial enterprise and a responsible citizen in corporate world.

MANIK is my father and also my brainchild.

We strive to have happy customers, happy stakeholders, and happy employees by creating value and wealth for them and us.


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